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Plentyfull who?

Plentyfull Bakery & Deli is an eclectic bakery and deli cafe for busy individuals looking to grab a taste of fresh, wholesome flavours. We serve a selection of real foods inspired by quality produce from diverse sources. Situated in thoughtful and active spaces, we connect people through food in meaningful ways. 

Our dream is to see a world full of good citizens eating and breaking bread in love and unity. Plentyfull Bakery & Deli uses eating as a way to nurture relationships and restore culture in cities. 

Plentyfull Bakery & Deli is our playground of flavours and ingredients, where we get to challenge perspectives and dare ourselves (and you) to try something different. Because—why not?

Our Food

On our menu: authentic, quality ingredients; homemade comfort food; and a crazy blend of unexpected flavours from around the world.


Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Allergic to gluten? We’ve got your back, too.

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